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The Lunar New Year is a significant event in the Asian cultural calendar, during which many people traditionally prioritize attaining beautiful, youthful, and radiant looking skin.Neutrogena aimed to utilize the cultural significance of the occasion to celebrate and enhance brand recognition through targeted marketing initiatives that effectively communicate the distinct intricacies, nuances, and cultural anecdotes of the festival, thereby appealing to the Asian Canadian consumer demographic.



The goal of this campaign was to connect with Asian Canadian consumers by creating culturally relevant greeting/messaging and customised skincare solutions. This was intended to help driving brand consideration and strengthen Neutrogena’s presence amongst the target audience.

The campaign leveraged Neutrogena’s reputation as a brand recommended by specialists.




Asian Canadians prioritize maintaining a youthful and radiant appearance and are actively seeking a skincare routine to achieve this. They are more likely to engage with brands that communicate in their native language and display cultural relevance.




We built a campaign that extended festive greetings as well as introduced a beauty routine for Chinese Canadian consumers. Consumers, who historically believe in beautiful, younger, and radiant looking skin.  As 2023 is considered the year of the rabbit the significance of this can be attributed to prosperity, abundance, and togetherness. We furthered this by connecting the same to the attributes of Neutrogena’s product line – hydrate, treat, and moisturize, that results in celebration of GRACE | ELEGANCE | BEAUTY. 



To this, we scripted a digital film that articulated the 3 attributes of the festival, greeting, and the product attributes. With the idea of “three” the film was edited in steps of three and perfectly highlighted the 3-step routine (Hydrate | Treat | Moisturize) for Lunar New Year. 



This campaign achieved phenomenal results, exceeding the expectations and generating 1,691,094 impressions with a CTR rate of 0.41% in a period of 4 weeks.The campaign’s creative concept was amplified through multi-media channels and was adapted for in-store and trade branding as well.


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