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Neutrogena is a highly regarded skincare brand that is widely recommended by dermatologists. The company combines its heritage with innovative approaches to develop and sell a wide range of skincare, haircare, and sun protection products. Neutrogena has gained popularity among Canadians, and the company is focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) due to the rise of ethnic consumers in Canada.

Neutrogena aimed to expand its Canadian consumer base among ethnic groups by utilizing culturally-relevant marketing strategies and campaigns tailored to specific ethnic festivals, such as Diwali for South Asian Canadians. The goal of this campaign was to connect with South Asian Canadian consumers by crafting messages that resonate with their cultural identity and by offering skincare solutions tailored to their needs.


The goal of this campaign was to connect with South Asian Canadian consumers by creating culturally-relevant messaging and customised skincare solutions. South Asian Canadians value achieving a radiant looking skin and are interested in using high-quality products. They place a strong emphasis on looking and feeling younger and radiant skin – glowing up during a major festivals like Diwali. It can be observed that they may begin preparing for the festival about a month in advance.



We created a personalized skincare regimen specifically designed for South Asian Canadians in celebration of Diwali, with the goal of helping them attain their desired results through their beauty routine during the festive season. These routines were carefully crafted to provide them with the coveted “Glow” that is associated with this time of year, so they can look and feel their best. For the occasion of Diwali, we encouraged celebrants to “Glow Up” like the vibrant lights that adorn the festivities by incorporating Neutrogena’s line of skincare products into their morning and evening beauty rituals. 



The campaign utilized Neutrogena’s brand palettes and integrated Diwali’s bright backgrounds, blurred lighting, and marigold flowers to represent the brand’s softness and tie-in the celebratory attributes of Diwali. The campaign layouts introduced a beauty routine featuring morning and evening (AM, PM) treatments, building an excitement that leads in to Diwali. The use of these creative elements showcased Neutrogena’s cultural understanding and promise of inclusion.



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